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If there's one thing, one keystone, one essential ingredient that remains true for marketing year in and year out, it's the fact you must understand your audiences first ... what they want, expect and know about you will determine your results. 

It's about those people out there, not about you

Sure lots of things keep changing in the marketing world. Yet despite rampant changes in technology which impact your marketing channels and the media you choose, you must start with understanding the people you need to reach.

Whether direct mail, email, social media, billboards, vehicles, print advertising, radio, TV ... or sky writing ... you must know and understand your target audiences to choose the best and most cost-effective way to reach them. You must also be clear about their motivation, their pain points, and how they choose to reach the right people and move them to action.

Who are they, really?

Most people want to share the enthusiasm about what they provide, or describe their process in detail. Or explain how their products are made to anyone who will listen. But do those audiences really care about those details? Likely not.

It's more important to first understand WHO you need to reach, HOW they choose and WHY they start looking for what you offer ... before you get into any lengthy descriptions.

You already know your audiences are changing ... Boomers are retiring out of many organizations. Younger audiences are taking the reins and making decisions. Their attitudes are different. How they buy is new. What they choose isn't what we Boomers choose. (yes, I admit it, I just had a birthday ...)

Example: I asked my staff (age 26 to 35+), "what radio station do you listen to?" Each looked at me a bit blankly and replied, "I don't. I listen to Pandora or Spotify." There ya go. Different choices.

What's the best approach to define your audiences?

Create audience personas. Sounds easy, yes? But it can be tough to do. Especially when you have multiple audiences ... not just the end buyer or user. Outline and understand your buying process first. It could involve a referral source or influencer, Board of Directors or purchasing manager. All important target audiences.

Personas are profiles of those you must reach to be successful. Who they are, what they need from you, what triggers them to take action, make a decision or search for what you offer. They're valuable as you plan, write, develop and choose which media to use for your next campaign.

If you haven't re-examined who all of your audiences are now, you're behind. The old ways of marketing just don't work like they used to. Our worksheet (button below) can help you choose who to target and where to build your brand for the best response.

Does your website help the right people choose you?

Today your website is the heart of your marketing. Does it quickly communicate who you are and what you provide? You've got 3 seconds to get those essentials across. 

AND ... does it answer every searcher's main question, "what's in it for me? why should I care?" Remember, think from the audiences' point of view, not your own.

Today your website is your front door, whether you're a non-profit or a manufacturer. It's your showroom if you don't have a physical showroom space (or even if you do). It's the lobby and front office and catalog and preview all rolled into one. It's where most people start.

Your website's home page is a job application ... you want your visitors to "hire" you, yes? Does your website grab the right people and tell them what they need to know?

Does it reflect who you are and what you offer? Does it reflect YOUR persona? Or is it out of sync, a bit tired and worn? If you're unsure ... or would like an objective review, we can help. 

Yes, marketing is still about your audiences

No matter what you want from your marketing, it all starts with understanding, reaching and inspiring your audiences to take action.

We've talked to many companies recently who are thinking about a rebrand to keep up with today's audiences and the changing marketplace. They've realized it's time to rexamine their positioning, review where they fit in their market, and get clear about how people find them. 

If you missed our newsletters, you can read our previous emails about rebranding here

When you're ready to fully define your audiences and positioning to add power to your marketing, start with our audience worksheet. 

Questions? To set up a time to talk about getting bigger results from your marketing ... or about the value of a rebrand ... just reply to this email. We can help.

Jennifer Larsen Morrow

Creative Company President/Brand Visionary


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