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Jennifer, it's a new year ... always a good time to examine, review, look back and look forward. Where will you take your organization this year? What must you do to seize your future?

Evolving to meet demand, a story ...

I talked with a friend, former client and long-time business owner this week about our businesses. We've both done essentially the same thing for 40 years, yet what we do and how we do it has transformed.

He has evolved from a local company processing film to a global business serving professional photographers around the world. Same business, photo processing, yet a completely different approach and new audiences.

He seized the future to survive. He repositioned based on his expertise, what he could provide and how he captures attention ... he has 63,000 followers on Instagram delivering new customers from every hemisphere, and a website that helps photographers order prints online, from film or digital. And he's still printing photos. Lots and lots of beautiful photos shipped across the country and around the world.

A rebrand begins with positioning

Positioning is the art and science of understanding the essence of who you are and what you provide. At the heart of a rebrand is that deep dive into what makes your company tick, what brings delight to your customers, and where you can find and reach more of those people.

A rebrand is not simply a new logo and color palette, or some new messages tacked on to what you've been saying all along. In today's accelerated-pace, global-reach, online-driven culture, understanding where you must be in a year or five is vital. As they say, evolve or die. 

How do you know if it's time for a rebrand?

Of course you can do a deep dive into your company's essence and establish a new direction without a rebrand.

But look closer, does your brand (the words and visual system, the marketing tools) fit who you are or how you want to be known? Does the brand system reflect those new audiences that expect more for less, faster response, a social media presence and online access? Does it lift you above others in your category? Or have you slipped behind?

Yes, design matters. And the right words count. A powerful brand is both visual and verbal. Your brand will help your organization be seen and known.

We are a culture full of impatient people. We're blitzed daily by words, ideas, pictures, videos, social memes ... all demanding attention NOW ... it's tough to stand out and be seen. Global competition for attention, products and services tests us all, daily. How has your business altered to keep up? 

It's time to consider a rebrand when: 

  • Your organization has evolved beyond your message and identity
  • Your current brand is just plain old
  • Your brand doesn't reflect who you are and how you want to be known
  • Your competition is evolving and updating and you're not
  • Your brand system is inconsistent and fractured, especially online

It's a tough decision. A rebrand requires a rigorous commitment of time, money, effort and thinking. It impacts the whole organization, not just your marketing. It will likely shift how you do business, not just what you look like and say. 

Our blog post on a rebranding definition will tell you more. In our next email, I'll tell you more how we have transformed to keep up, and what that means to your marketing now and in the future.

Is it time to ditch the past and seize your future?

No matter who you are or where your business is going, take a step back. Evaluate your position, where you fit, what your audiences expect now. Then examine your brand--your visual and verbal identity. Does it fit the future you envision and the audiences you must reach to be successful? 

Below you can download our updated Rebrand Guide. You may also be interested in a brand audit before you commit to a rebrand. Our objective review of your current brand will inform your decision and give you new insight. 

Questions? To set up a time to talk about your positioning, your current brand, or your marketing, just reply to this email. Our first discussion is no charge. And we can help.

Jennifer Larsen Morrow

Creative Company President/Brand Visionary


Twitter: @jlmorrow
LinkedIn: /in/jenniferlarsenmorrow
Direct: 503.687.1308

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